Our hospital accreditation, ensuring we offer you the highest standards.

In order to maintain relevant standards McLaren Vale & Districts War Memorial Hospital is subject to an annual audit of all its policies, protocols and procedures as well as many other matters in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 (Health). The audit ensures that relevant matters are all correctly documented and adhered to by staff. Such compliance facilitates the safe management of the hospital equipment, staff and infrastructure as well as overall administration.

In addition all hospitals in Australia have to meet the new National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS).

The most recent ISO 9001-2015 audit was conducted in August 2019 with the Hospital meeting the required standards. The NSQHS triennial audit conducted in August 2018 also met the required standards. All matters were adjudged as complying with the requirements of the national standards as a result of which the hospitals Certificate of Compliance was renewed. The audit of the hospital was conducted by Total Quality Certification Services Pty Ltd. In addition to this auditing process the hospital also undertakes regular benchmarking. This entails comparing its procedures, protocols and outcomes against other similar sized hospitals.

This process maintains a high level of quality control and ensures that the very high standards attained over the years are maintained in all areas of the hospital.

Regular patient surveys are conducted and the results are always acted on as and where necessary. The hospital kitchen provides all meals for the local Meals on Wheels scheme as well as for the adjacent Kalyra  nursing home. Similar surveys are conducted with all these customers and outcomes and comments acted on where necessary.

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