Home cooked food at McLaren Vale Hospital

Your stay at the hospital should be as comfortable as possible, therefore we recommend the following on what to and not to bring.

What to bring

  • Letters from your doctor.
  • Health Insurance Membership Card.
  • WorkCover, Pension or Veteren Affairs Cards [if applicable].
  • Medicare Card.
  • Pharmaceutical Entitlement Card.
  • Your current medication(s).
  • Current X-rays as they relate to your admission.
  • Mobility aids and hearing aids.

Staying overnight?

  • Night wear, dressing gown, slippers.
  • Personal Toiletries [toothpaste, toothbrush, comb and soap].

Day surgery?

  • Please wear loose clothing an low-heeled shoes - for post-operative comfort.

What NOT to bring

  • Talcum powder - creates a slip hazard.
  • Large amounts of money, credit cards, mobile phones or jewellery. The hospital cannot accept responsibility for lost items.

How to get referred

Find our how to get referred to us by your medical practioner.

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