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Your stay at the hospital should be as comfortable as possible, therefore we recommend the following on what to and not to bring.

What to bring

  • Letters from your doctor.
  • Health Insurance Membership Card.
  • WorkCover, Pension or Veteren Affairs Cards [if applicable].
  • Medicare Card.
  • Pharmaceutical Entitlement Card.
  • Your current medication(s).
  • Current X-rays as they relate to your admission.
  • Mobility aids and hearing aids.

Staying overnight?

  • Night wear, dressing gown, slippers.
  • Personal Toiletries [toothpaste, toothbrush, comb and soap].

Day surgery?

  • Please wear loose clothing an low-heeled shoes - for post-operative comfort.

What NOT to bring

  • Talcum powder - creates a slip hazard.
  • Large amounts of money, credit cards, mobile phones or jewellery. The hospital cannot accept responsibility for lost items.